Progressive Realty Services, LLC

Progressive Realty Services, LLC is focused on providing an excellent brokerage service to buyers and sellers of residential, commercial, or land real estate in the north Georgia area (Madison, Clarke, Oglethorpe, Elbert, Jackson, and Oconee counties) and to buyers and sellers of timberland in North & South Carolina. With a service mentality, a personal demeanor, and strong level of experience, our agents are a great choice for helping to meet your brokerage needs.

If you are looking for property, please call us so that we can fully understand your needs in regards to facilities, timing, and personal interests.

If you are wanting to sell your property, please allow us to make you a detailed proposal to assist you. We look forward to serving you.

Progressive Testimonials

Having Mrs. Julie as a real estate agent was the best decision I made as a first time home buyer. My fiancé and I were preparing to get married and buy a new home, but I did not know where to turn. My fiancé and I spoke with Mrs. Julie about what type of home, price and where we would like to live. Mrs. Julie showed us one home, but unfortunately it was already in closing. We made an offer anyway but lost it. Mrs. Julie continued to search.

One day she called me and told me "I found a home perfect for you and you’re soon to be wife." This home was perfect for my wife and me. It exceeded our wish list we had originally given to Mrs. Julie. Mrs. Julie helped us through the house buying process answering any and all questions we had. We are currently living in the home going on three years to date. I have, and will continue, to highly recommend Mrs. Julie to others interested in buying a home.

Michael Hoopaugh
Why Progressive - Because we care! We know your next purchase, whether your residence or an investment, is important to you. Let us help make the purchase a successful transaction.